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Thermographic Scans

Infrared thermography, also known as thermal imaging, is a non-destructive means of scanning for moisture/water damage, missing insultation, wet insultation, roof leaks in flat roof systems etc., and providing us with a picture of the condition of the building in real time.

Infrared surveys are one of the most important and powerful tools used today to provide all the necessary information in deciding if minor section repairs need to be made or whether a whole replacement roof needs to be done.

Infrared scans pinpoint the exact areas of concern on a roof, where there are moisture problems and areas where a building is losing heat without disturbing the actual integrity or structure of the roof or building.  Quality infrared inspections performed on a regular basis, along with repairs done on a timely basis can reduce a company's downtime and improve profits and safety of your business.  Commercial infrared imaging is the necessary tool to assist in any maintenance program. A building envelope survey can locate missing or deficient insulation, water leakage or moisture in commercial buildings and flat roof surveys for water intrusion.

Benefits of Thermographic Scans:

1.     Real time picture
2.     Indentify location and source of problem quickly and accurately
3.     Reduce energy bills
4.     Reduce unnecessary and costly repairs
5.     Saves on insurance premiums

Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., uses the information acquired from the thermographic scan and produces an easy to understand report  documenting the roof moisture issues.  From there, we will then consult with the customer and see what are the best solutions to resolve their roofing issues, and proceed with the repairs necessary.

Approved Applicators Of:

Carlisle Bacor Tremco Soprema IKO Firestone