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Skylight Installations

Let the sun shine in!  Skylights are a form of window placed on the ceiling of a room that may be a bit gloomy or dim.  They are a perfect solution for lighting up any room with the sun's rays coming through giving the room brightness and warmth. 

There are different shaped skylights as well as glass and acrylic skylights that will enhance any room and accomodate individual design preferences.

Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., is qualified and can install a custom skylight in most rooms of your building.  Everyone knows sunlight provides us with Vitamin D and puts everyone in better spirits, so allowing natural light to come to your workspace and building makes everyone feel better and gives off good energy.  So don't stay in a drab room, lighten it up with a skylight and let the good energy come pouring in.

Benefits of Skylights:

1.     More heat comes in through skylights in the Winter, heating up the room and cutting down on electric and gas bills.

2.     Increase the value of your building and home.

3.     Minimum cleaning and care required, as the rain usually washes away any dirt.

4.     Adds a distinct look and feature to any room.

5.     Different designs and looks to cater most individual preferences.

We, at Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.,  know roofs and skylights, and you can be reassured that your new skylight will remain leak-free for years to come.

Approved Applicators Of:

Carlisle Bacor Tremco Soprema IKO Firestone