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Roof Inspection and Maintenance Programs

Who wants to lose money and potentially have damaged inventory due to a leak?  Nobody does!  Leaks can lead to downtime as well as hundreds and even thousands of dollars spent on unnecessary expenses.  That is why it is crucial to protect your roof so that you can maximize its lifespan and get the full value of your investment.

Protect your home or business roof by implementing a Roof Maintenance Program.  Seeing that a roof is the one asset that protects all of your other assets, it is one that shouldn't be neglected or abused.  Minor issues should not be ignored because they can eventually become major problems that could end up costing you more in repairs.  Repairing minor roof issues on a timely manner is always the key to maintaining a good roof.  It will end up saving you from having to replace the whole roof in the near future.  In most cases, roof replacements could have been prevented if a regular roof maintenance program had been implemented.

Implementing a Roof Maintenance Program for your home or business can assist in the following:

* Early detection and repair of minor problems will prevent it from becoming a major problem, won't hit you with unexpected expenses, and the inconvenience

* Increases the lifespan of roofs dramatically

* Helps prevent future premature roof failures

* Keeps roofs constantly maintained to aid in preventing future wear and tear

* Provides owner with semi-annual reports on the roof condition and makes them aware of most conditions that may affect the integrity of the roof such as: 

   - air conditioning units
   - duct work
   - skylight
   - drainage systems (down spouts)
   - blisters / splits
   - electrical conduit
   - mechanical equipment etc.

* Reduces workplace shutdown caused by leaks

The most common roof issues that we constantly inpect and maintain are the following:

     * Flashings                                             * Pressure ridging
     * Roof membrane blisters                         * Pooling water
     * Joint blisters and separation                   * Caulking and all seals
     * Roof perimeter                                       * Gravel Consistency

Contact Solar Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd., to set up a Roof Maintenance Program and add years to your current roof.

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