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At Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., we strive on providing our clients with the most professional workmanship possible from beginning to end.  We are able to achieve the clients expectations and exceed them by providing them with knowledgeable and experienced workers. 

We have full time crews of trained and certified flat roof experts working for us.  They will get the work done properly and efficeintly so that we remain on schedule and within budget.  At Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., safety is a priority and all of our roofers are WHIM and FALL Certified.  We use the highest quality materials on our jobs and provide our clients with guarantees for our workmanship.

We never over look any aspect of a job, and always make sure that the job is done properly from beginning to end.  The steps in most of our work are as follows:

1.     Site Preparation
2.     Vapour Barrier
3.     Insulation
4.     Roof System Installation  
5.     Drains
6.     Metal Work/Flashing
7.     Caulking and Sealing
8.     Site Clean-up

Here are some of the Flat Roof Systems we do as well as the materials used:

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Roof Membrane (1 Ply)
-     Rubber membrane
-     Less installation equipment required
-     Fewer petroleum based products used
-     Suitable for projects of all sizes
-     Less waste
-     Environmentally Friendly
-     Wide temperature and climate tolerances
-     Faster installation

Cold Process Roofing (1 Ply)
-     Torch free application
-     Cleaner and smoke free installation
-     Coated with gravel for protection and reflectivity
-     Excellent waterproofing

Thermoplastic Membranes (1Ply)
-     Single Ply PVC roofing
-     Heat welded seams
-     Ideal for larger roofs
-     Excellent temperature and puncture resistence

Modified Bitumen Membrane (2 Ply)
-     Extremely durable
-     2 plies of rubber
-     Used on roofs of all sizes
-     Cleaner, tar smoke free installation

Tar and Gravel (4 Ply)
-     A Built-Up Roofing System of layers using an asphalt-based membrane base, organic felts, asphalt/ tar top coat,      covered with protective gravel
-     Long lifecycle
-     Good insulator
-     Can be added to an existing tar and gravel BUR system

Glass Felt Built-Up Asphalt (4 Ply)
-     Asphalt BUR system using fiberglass felts
-     Suitable for all roof sizes
-     Waterproof
-     Resistent to cracks, splitting and blisters

Inverted Systems
-     Basically you can use any of the membranes descibed above, but the water proofing membrane is applied to the deck and covered with the insulation layer, a filter cloth and patio stones or larger river washed gravel.  Inverted systems are usually used in high rise buildings or high traffic roofs.

Approved Applicators Of:

Carlisle Bacor Tremco Soprema IKO Firestone