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Safety Promise

All new roof installations, repairs or replacements performed by Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., complies with the Roofing and Construction Industry Safety Standards and it is consitent with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Every precaution is taken to guarantee that the safety of all those involved, on the job including crew, people working inside the building, customers and the public is not compromised.

Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., makes sure that our crews are fully trained and that they follow safe flat roofing procedures to prevent any accidents from occuring.  Our crew members are all trained and certified in the following:

  • WHIMS Certification
  • Basics of FALL Protection Certification
  • Propane in Construction Certification
  • First Aid, St. John's Ambulance
  • Fire Extinguisher Certification
  • Signal Operator Certification

Approved Applicators Of:

Carlisle Bacor Tremco Soprema IKO Firestone