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Want to be set apart from everyone else?  Allow Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., to add custom copper pieces to your home or business and see just how distinctive your home and business becomes.  Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., specializes in copper roofing and customized copper metal roofing which adds a touch of elegance to any house or building.

Copper is a long lasting metal that has been used for centuries and it is built to last.  It has gained popularity over the last few years by both home owners and business owners alike, for its distinct beauty and durability.  Copper is one of the top roofing materials available on the market today.  It can be used to suit any style of bay window, eaves trough, down pipes, or roof flashing.  Over time, with the change of colour, the copper accents will only add sophistication to your home or building.

Copper detailing is an investment that will last a lifetime, as well as increase the value of your property by up to 30%.

Let Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., create the unique and personal look you are trying to achieve.  Any shape or size can be created with the precise craftsmanship of our team.

Some advantages of Copper Roofing Systems are as follows:

* It is one of the most environmentally friendly roofing material available, primarily made from recycled copper scraps.

* Copper's natural beauty is that it changes over time and is virtually maintenance free.

* Copper roofing systems have a high resistance to the elements including extreme heat, wind, snow and ice.

If you have any questions about copper roofing systems or want to know if it is right for your home or business, give Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd. a call and we will gladly go through the options with you one step at a time.

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